Do what makes you happy.

It is so strange to finally be sitting at my dining table writing my first blog post after a super long time. I took a four-year hiatus to study (I am now the Queen of school), get married, have a baby and quite frankly, I have missed sharing the mental traffic that clogs up my mind. I have especially missed being a professional procrastinator [an influencer]. To be honest there is no need to make small introductions because those who read my posts already know what I'm like. But I must say that marriage and motherhood has changed me a lottle [lot + little]. What hasn't changed is my overflowing well of opinions which I will shamelessly continue to put out there for you to scrutinise.

Whether you agree, disagree, or shrug your shoulders .... that is for you to decide because this is mi vida and I am simply sharing my way of looking at it. Of course, I am wise enough to change my ideas or vision as I grow older and experience life a little more but for now I think I am old enough to construct some pretty neat philosophies about different things.

What I can at least say is that the sudden death of a long-time brother friend inspired me to come back to what I love doing. Maybe some day I will write about him, but for now I will make sure I stay connected to his legacy by chasing my dreams and doing what makes me happy. We all take roads in life that don't often have a clear destination and you know, it's not such a bad thing considering how mysterious life is anyway. But y'all the last four years have been a mixed bag of emotions ... like that box of chocolates our dear Forrest Gump was on about.

I wish I could actually vlog because I don't know if you will be able to pick up my facial expressions from the writing .... but I ain't here for that hashtag slay everyday life, I look shabby 200 out of 365 days a year and you are not welcome to that party!! But on a very summarized real, this blog is just about my daily [or weekly] bants and thoughts .... oooohhhh and you get to preview my new found love for DIY crafting!!!

I come with bags of tea! Put the kettle on!

P.S: I shall be writing in the following accents; American TV (I have never been there so...), South London, Ghana/Nigeria, Zimbabwe and Francophone West Africa. If you are not fluent in any of these accents, buy me Nando's and I will see about doing a private reading & translation session.

P.S.S: Sexier looking vlog coming soon! I just had to manage this mess for now!

Karibuni rafiki!!

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