I could talk about myself all day, which will take away from your experience of reading my blog, so why not decide for yourself who I am by reading my posts and interacting with me?

For the curious, 'Maziyateke' is a Kinyarwanda word (and name given to girls), which is a combination of two words amazi (water) and iteke (taro root). It more or less describes the droplets of water found on taro root leaves early in the morning or after a rainfall. If we want to be very basic about it we can just call it 'dew' but Rwandans are not about that simple life, we like story story! I love the name because it is a symbol of beauty and purity - things I probably am not BUT y'all this is my blog I can call it what I damn well like. 

So that's it in a nutshell. 

xx Angelique xx

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